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Rebate Rate:85%Forex:$10/LotGold:$10/Lot

Broker Information

FXCM Inc. is a global online provider of foreign exchange (forex) trading and related services to retail and institutional customers worldwide. As a vocal advocate of foreign exchange regulation and increased investor protection, FXCM Inc. has companies registered and regulated by many of the most respected regulatory bodies in the world. Forex Capital Markets Limited is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. Additionally, FXCM is regulated in the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan. At the heart of FXCM's client offering is No Dealing Desk forex trading. Clients benefit from FXCM's large network of forex liquidity providers enabling it to offer competitive spreads on major currency pairs. Clients have the advantage of mobile trading, one-click order execution, and trading from real-time charts. In addition, FXCM offers educational courses on forex trading and provides free news and market research through Official Website:

Spread Information

Spread Type Floated Spread
EUR/USD Spread 1.2 Gold Spread 3.5-4.5
RMB Forward 26-27 Chinese A Share Index

Basic Information

Regulatory Body FCA Product Types Forex,Precious Metals,Index,Energy
Platform Type TS2.0 Platform|Mt4 Account Types Small Account Islamic Account
Scalping Supported Hedging Supported
Min. Transaction 0.01 Min. Account 50USD
Highest Leverage 1:400 Max. Transaction Number 500Lot
Withdrawal Method Wire|Credit Card Deposit Method Unionpay|Wire|Credit Card
Withdrawal Fee Free for the First Withdrawal Per Month Deposit Fee None
Settlement Currency USD Rollover Interest Details
Account Wipe Ratio 100% Support RMB Deposit Yes




Choose an account type

There are two transaction accounts for choosing: No trader account and trader account. Both accounts are

available for TS2.0 and MT4. EURO/USA spread of no trader account floats from 2.2——2.6 ( rebate:1.0);

EURO/USA spread of trader accounts floats from 1.2——1.6( rebate rate: 85%. Approximately 0.25)

Please click the link below and fill in a form on FXCM official website if you choose no trader account

1. trader account for TS2.0 platform:

 Rebate of no trader account is approximately 1.0, minimum deposit is 50USD, minimum trade size is 0.01/Lot

2.  No trader account for MT4 platform:

Rebate of no trader account is approximately 1.0, minimum deposit is 50USD, minimum trade size is 0.01/Lot

 3.  Low spread account:

Trader account with low spread is approximately 0.25


Fill in a form and open an account online:

Fill in the application form according to the introduction above. Please contact online services

QQ800027737 for any help.




1. Please choose TALKFOREX_UK as an introducer. Please write down talkforex if the option is not

displayed or you may not have preferential rebate.

2. Customers from America, Japan and Korea, please open accounts with mainland identity or your

applicationmay be dismissed.




 1. Please log in to bind your account and add detailed information of gaining rebates

after you get the transaction account.

 2. Please wait for the confirmation that your account is opened through

(The verification will be finished within 24hours)

3. Customers are able to deposit into fxcm for transaction and commission after the confirmation.

4. Weekly returning commission, customers could enter “My Account” to check and withdraw cash.



Register on and become our membership( if you are Talkforex membership

already,please log in with your Talkforex account number and password).

Enter “My Account” and click button “bind” and“continue binding”, then submit the information

of your transaction account.



Please wait for the verification,which will be finished within 24hours

( Please contact online services if you would like to deposit and trade as early as possible).

Please log in “My Account”-“Account Management”-“Transaction Account” for the result.



Please log in “My Account”-“Account Management”-“Shroff Information” to add  the information of  shroff account.



Deposit, trade, and gain commission. The system renews commission details weekly.



FXCM returns commission once a week. Customers are able to enter “My Account” to check

and withdraw.



Your disposable balances are able to be withdrawn after renewing the commission.

The cash will be transferred to your registered bank card or Alipay.


Opening  account through but haven’t received commission currently.

Please contact online services to verify and register your account after you opening the account successfully.

Then you need to add detailed information of transaction account and your shroff Information


It will be available for rebating when the information is verified.


Opening account on FXCM official website.

The account trade terms will not be changed when you are participating our rebate process due to

the principle of no more commission and no more spreads.

We advise you to open a new account through our account opening link in order to realize internal transfer,

which would be safer. You can also log in” myfxcm” and click “introducing broker”,

choose “talkforex”(talkforex is our IB number of FXCM) as your agent when it is covered.

You will receive an email informing that your application is verified within 1——2days.

please contact online services to verify and register your account and add detailed information of

transaction account and your shroff Information on



You can choose to add a new account as which is much easier. Introductions below:

 1. Log in with your account number and password then add a new transaction account

on website back end.

 2. Fill in a designated disclosure book with your signature and scan it to

3. Log in again, transfer your funds into new account through internal transfer after




Opened the account through other IB

You are only able to fill in an application form and reopen an new account online.

It is available for internal transfer, transaction and gaining commission after you opening the new account

and finishing the rebate process.


Rebating Process
  • Choose a Broker

    Go to the account opening page to register for a free account through IB Rebate website

  • Submit Application

    Submit transaction account on IB Rebate website, binding the application

  • Conform the Result of Application

    You will receive confirmation of binding result after account checking by IB Rebate website

  • Gaining High Rebate

    Highest rebate rates. IB Rebate website will pay you a commission rebate regularly

Platform Advantage
Authority and Proficiency

Be recognized as an highly authoritative website of forex commission,Brokers are regular and internationally With 15years of creditworthy brand

Legal and Secure

Brokers are regular and internationally Professional with verification

Highest Rebate

Effectively reduce transaction cost, highest Rebate Rate

Multi-currency Withdrawal

Available for brokers to withdraw commissions in RMB ,USD or other common currencies